November 19, 2004

MMSC software - Software

Peffisaur is the successor to MMS Diary only that it now has support for more users, database support, email support and a more advanced web interface. You can post messages either directly to the site (using the MMSC emulating feature of MMS Diary - this interface is sometimes referred to as MM1) or via your operator's MMSC by sending the MMS to an email address (this interface is sometimes referred to as MM3).
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November 17, 2004

I had to reboot my iPod

MP3 players :: Reboot an iPod

Even the best MP3 player on the market can sometimes run into trouble. Remember, it's only a machine, and as you know, machines run on software and software is easily confused. This might happen if you, against all warnings, take the iPod out of the dock while it is mounted on your desktop.
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November 13, 2004

Nice little note on evolution

[IP] more on Attempts at overthrowing the teaching of evolution gather

Evolution is really an emergent property of any complex system that can regenerate success and quench failure. It's easiest to think of these as digital systems though it's tautological. Scale and perturbation are part of the mix.
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November 12, 2004

Argh. This took up most of a day | Red Hat, Inc.

There is a bug in Fedora Core 2 that causes the hard disk geometry as reported in the partition table to be altered during installation. This change may cause Windows boot failure. Although this bug is severe, it is recoverable and no data should be lost.

I am using unattended to install windows onto the lab machines automatedly. I believe the above-mentioned jacking around with the partition table caused me to be unable to use my normal setup to do the install. It would just hang after trying to boot, even when (I thought) I blew away the whole drive and started over.

I ended up dd'ing zeroes onto the first chunk of the drive, which did allow me to subsequently install windows as per usual.

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November 09, 2004

CoH contacts and their origin / City of Heroes

Then you'll know who to advance missions in, so as to buy SOs from them.

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Some of my CoH binds

I play with the 2 trays (normal and "alt") both showing. Then I can see the powers recharge, etc.

So as to save wear and tear on my left wrist, I switched to using the numpad (and my right hand) for powers. I typically run around with the mouse, and then use the numpad in combat.

I also use the cursor keys (with my thumb) for targeting, and the ins/del/home/end/pgup keys for inspirations. Here's my binds:

LALT+down "target_friend_next"
LALT+left "target_friend_prev"
down "target_enemy_next"
left "target_enemy_prev"
right "target_enemy_near"
numpad1 "powexec_altslot 1"
numpad2 "powexec_altslot 2"
numpad3 "powexec_altslot 3"
numpad4 "powexec_altslot 4"
numpad5 "powexec_altslot 5"
numpad6 "powexec_altslot 6"
numpad7 "powexec_altslot 7"
numpad8 "powexec_altslot 8"
numpad9 "powexec_altslot 9"
numpad0 "powexec_slot 1"
decimal "powexec_slot 2"
NUMPADENTER "powexec_slot 3"
add "powexec_slot 4"
numlock "powexec_slot 5"
divide "powexec_slot 6"
multiply "powexec_slot 7"
subtract "powexec_slot 8"
insert "inspexec_name Uncanny Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Insight"
delete "inspexec_name Righteous Rage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Enrage"
home "inspexec_name resurgence$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name Respite"
pageup "inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Luck"
end "inspexec_name Second Wind$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath"
For the powers, it makes them be like this:
Num1 Num2 Num3 Num4 Num5 Num6 Num7 Num8 Num9 -nothing-
Num0 Period NumEnter NumPlus Numlock NumSlash NumStar NumMinus -nothing- -nothing-

I then put my main attacks so that I use Num1, Num2, Num0, Period,NumEnter, and NumPlus. The keys on the edge (enter, plus, minus) are pretty easy to hit, and the 1,2,0,. are all under your fingers if you have your hand one row down from centered on the keypad.

Since I'm switching between the mouse and the keypad, I needed the main powers to be on the outside of the keypad, where they can be found quickly.

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Awesome stuff

.: rate my network diagram :.

It's like AmIHotOrNot, only different.

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November 05, 2004

Yet another map

Election 2004 Results

This map has RGB values for Republican, Other, Democrat , respectively. Split by county.

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Yet another map

results2004_lg.jpg (JPEG Image, 1020x612 pixels)

This was on slashdot. It has (as far as I can tell) vertical illustration of the population in the counties, colored by the way they voted. Thus, Chicago (say) has a very tall blue column, and the south has a lot of very short red ones.

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November 04, 2004

Here's another map

map_10_a.gif (GIF Image, 450x300 pixels)

See if you can guess what it represents.... :)

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November 03, 2004