December 10, 2004

Windows uses the DHCP client service even with static IPs

Error Message When You Use the "IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS" Command

The DHCP Client service is responsible for performing the dynamic update for the host record. If the computer has a static IP address, the DHCP Client service also updates the pointer (or reverse lookup) record. This service must be running on all computers that perform dynamic updates, regardless of whether they are configured as DHCP clients.
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December 09, 2004

Time to upgrade BIND

Exchange Server 2003 Setup fails with error code 0xC103798A while installing Active Directory schema update

This problem may occur if your Domain Name System (DNS) configuration does not have service location records (SRV records) configured.
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Tricky dependencies

Removing exim and installing qmail |

The first thing to do is to remove exim. Because of Debian's package management system, you can't remove exim without installing another package that provides mail-transfer-agent. Because qmail isn't available as a binary Debian package, this is a little trickier than it needs to be. The answer to this conundrum is in the equivs package, so we install that
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December 08, 2004

wget for windows

WGET 1.9.1 for Windows (win32)

Wget now supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL, https://...) among other things. Most available binaries are dynamically linked against OpenSSL, and require you to have a couple of dll's in your path. The binary on this site is statically linked with OpenSSL (which makes it larger in size, but stand-alone).
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This seems to be the best place for Firefox extensions

The Extensions Mirror -> Firefox Extensions

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Sweet, juicy, Exchange 2003

Step-by-Step: Migrating Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 Using New Hardware

If you simply want to do an in-place upgrade of Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 using the same server, you’ve got it made – Microsoft has explained the process of upgrading and made it pretty simple. Even if you’re still using Exchange v5.5, Microsoft has you covered with a wealth of documentation to peruse. But what if you’re an Exchange 2000 organization that wants to bring in a new Exchange 2003 system alongside your existing machine, move all your content over to it, and decommission the original box? Then you’re left scratching your head. At the time of this writing, there is no guide I’ve been able to find that explains the process with any detail.
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Could not find SMTP_ADSIISEX.DLL in SMTP install

Google Groups : microsoft.public.inetserver.iis

I hit the wall twice during the install because the install couldn't find FPSRVADM.EXE and SMTP_ADSIISEX.DLL. Those files are in FP40EXT.CAB and IMS.CAB, respectively. I had to uncompress those CAB files on my local drive and point the installation to those uncompressed files, then point the installation back to the installation CD when done.

As described here, I had to extract the IMS.CAB file into the I386 directory to be able to install SMTP and NNTP (probably just SMTP). It is not clear to my why setup did not know to look in the CAB file.

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December 03, 2004

Need to set up slake.... - Debian qmail installation

The qmail Installation guide
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