September 29, 2004

How to dial foreign lands

International Dialing Codes

Below is a table listing Country Codes, IDD (International Direct Dialing) prefixes, and NDD (National Direct Dialing) prefixes. If you are not familiar with how these are used, please review the definitions below before using the table.
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September 23, 2004

Estimate power consumption

Power Supply Wattage Calculator

The Wattages listed below are maximum peak wattages for each component. The total amount this calculator figures is for all devices running at peak utilization. It is important to bear in mind that this amount will never be reached under typical operation.
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September 22, 2004

Further Treo stuff >> Stories >> Software >> Treo as a flash memory drive

Card Export II is an application that emulates the USB Mass Storage standard. This means that the Treo can be plugged into any modern computer, and without any driver installation, act just like a normal USB thumbdrive.
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Treo600 sync cable

BoxWave - miniSync for Handspring Treo 600 - Retractable Cable - Sync and Charge!

miniSync simultaneously charges and synchronizes your handheld, all in an ultra-portable form factor!

Man. I haven't blogged anything in a long time.

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September 02, 2004

Alternate for qmail-smtpd

LinuxMagic magic-smtpd Home Page

MAGIC-SMTPD is a drop in replacement for Dan Bernsteins qmail-smtpd, and was originally designed to be part of the LinuxMagic Magic Mail Server. This opensource version has been released to allow others to benifit from it's anti-spam components, and valid user checking to reduce server loads, and spam volumes. It is designed to support stock qmail installations, qmail/vpopmail installations, as well as having database support. Designed for ISP service, this will work for all mail servers large and small. Comments are welcome. Support for other mailers expected in the future.
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