August 27, 2002

Speakeasy System StatusSpeakeasy's "real-time" status

Speakeasy System Status

Speakeasy's "real-time" status info.

Real time, my ass.

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August 20, 2002

Here's some bookmarklets

Here's some bookmarklets that are pretty neat.

  • DivShow
    will show you the CSS divs in your current document.
  • TableShow
    will show you the tables. It uses a stylesheet on one of my machines at home to provide the colors, etc.
  • FormShow
    changes the form so that it targets a script on debby, instead of wherever it was pointing before. The script displays all the fields in the form, and what they contained upon submission.

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VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab

VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab

Very nice selector for HTML colors.

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August 16, 2002

djb'ized installation instructions for Courier-IMAPHere's

djb'ized installation instructions for Courier-IMAP

Here's the instructions I'll be using if I have to install Courier-IMAP again.

"djb"-style setup is very clean, and nice.

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ifspamhA wrapper for SpamAssassin suitable


A wrapper for SpamAssassin suitable for calling from a dot-qmail file

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August 15, 2002

NTP on Windows NTHoly crap.

NTP on Windows NT

Holy crap. This thing installs like a dream, and just works. The installer can be downloaded from: here directly. If you can't find it there, you might check at the root of that website.

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August 08, 2002

Search the USDA Nutrient Database

Search the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Get your nutritional info here.

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