May 05, 2001

MobiusWare Win32 FreeWare, Not FeeWare

MobiusWare Win32 FreeWare, Not FeeWare - Downloads Page

Still more convenient NT admin utilities. Crack32, which is purportedly a very fast free cracker for winnt passwords.

Posted by jshare at May 5, 2001 12:49 PM


Thanks for eoking

Posted by: Sharkey at September 7, 2003 06:02 AM

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Posted by: Big C at February 21, 2004 09:23 AM

No matter how hard I tried,
I could find no reason for people to create software and then give it out for free.
It costs hell of time to develop something, why not sell it?
There must be some reason.

Posted by: Brian at April 10, 2004 04:29 PM
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