June 25, 2001

Q216364 - Domain Controller Server

Q216364 - Domain Controller Server Object Not Removed After Demotion

So, one of the DCs I'm installing went south. This link showed me how to blow it away as a DC, since I couldn't actually boot the sucker anymore. (And thus couldn't run dcpromo to demote it).

Update: Hmm. Apparently, this hassle may have been unneccessary. Probably would have been needed if I hadn't been able to bring the machine up again. Since I couldn't get ADS to delete the machine account for the DC anyway, I had to rebuild it. Once I reinstalled everything, and got ADS installed again, it seemed to just take over the old account. I kind of thought I'd have to wipe the account out, and recreate one, but perhaps that is only the case with non-domain-controllers. *shrug*

Posted by jshare at June 25, 2001 04:53 PM

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